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Perry Price – Innovations Director
Dare Digital’s innovations director earned his degree in Economics at York University in England and spent several years in vetting for the UK Ministry of Defence and NATO. This was all before he decided to dive boldly into new media, schooling himself in Flash, and then setting up a software company and a small print media shop with a group of friends. The websites his company created soon drew attention from agents and eventually, from the UK-based Dare, who three years ago signed him as a software developer.


Dare is an interactive marketing agency which was founded on the core belief that strong ideas lead to better business results. Something they call “ideas that work”. They differ from traditional advertising ideas in that they are participative, or interactive, in essence. This is what defines them as digital - although often they will have the potential to live beyond digital channels.

So their specialism is in “marketing for the digital world”. By this they mean not only reaching consumers in relevant and engaging ways within their preferred digital channels, but also appealing to their digital mindset - one which demands transparency, generosity and responsiveness from all brands. They have considerable expertise, ranging from web development to eCRM to social media marketing - an area in which their Dare XL joint venture brings the market-leading specialism into the heart of their strategic thinking.


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